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Views From High Peak Meditation

Views from High Peak Meditation


Views from High Peak Meditation makes a special contribution to the available literature on meditation. Since High Peak does not originate within a particular religious tradition, the views are the authors' own, based entirely on their own experience as meditators, not on any preconceptions. The result is a series of fresh and often humorous perspectives, expressed in everyday jargon-free language. No meditator from any tradition can fail to come away from reading the booklet without rewarding insights into his or her own practice.

In the same spirit, the final piece of the booklet offers materials for prayer, meditation and contemplation, which resonate with familiar tradition and yet are altogether original.



Meditation (also available online)

Meditation for Nosy People (also available online)

Twelve Aphorisms (also available online)

Hard copies of Views from High Peak are available from High Peak Meditation: Price £7.50 per copy (£6.00 plus P&P £1.50 in UK). Please contact us to order a book, or for postage rates outside the UK.