High Peak Meditation


The importance of an open-ended attitude to meditation is reflected in the exhortation: ‘there is always further to go’. This is a reminder to continue with meditation whether the going is rough or smooth, and also of the innate human drive to reach beyond the horizon. In addition, it is a guard against thinking that the ‘source’ has been reached, or that ‘unity’ has been experienced or ‘enlightenment’ is just around the corner, depending on your predilection. The purposes of meditation, if one can talk about such things, are necessarily left invisible, silent, void, and therefore what fills these ‘empty spaces’ cannot, indeed must not be decided in advance if the dangers of expectation are to be avoided. Whatever arises in meditation will fall away as the instructions are followed. ‘There is always further to go’ serves as a reminder of that which is necessary. As such, it is both a shield against the finite and temporal, and a spear into the infinite and eternal.