High Peak Meditation

Meditation Practice

In High Peak the process of teaching meditation is conducted on a one-to-one basis. This normally involves visiting a teacher at intervals for a period of time in order to be given instruction and any help that is necessary to set up regular meditation. The individual meditates alone on a daily basis although some meditation may also occur in groups on occasions. Residential courses of varying demand offer opportunities to establish and further the practice.

Meditation is for a period of half an hour at a time. In our tradition we adopt a physical posture that is comfortable for the individual while helping them to remain alert, for example, sitting upright in a straight-backed chair. It helps matters if meditators can sit in an environment that is relatively calm, establishing a place where they will not be disturbed. A completely noise free environment is not necessary, although the presence of background music provides a hindrance and is not recommended.

We emphasise the difference between paying attention to all that occurs in our daily lives, and the simplicity of attending to the field of awareness in meditation. Both are necessary, though in each the domain of awareness is different. It is important to finish the meditation cleanly at the end of the allotted time in order to keep this difference clear.

High Peak is a not-for-profit organization and no charge is made for instruction in meditation.


'That word is the needle of the Queen of the Eastern Mountain. With it she sews up the scattered parts of the mind, as the word goes upon its way it creates and destroys the worlds of the mind. It makes all into a seamless garment. Do not instruct her as to its travels. She knows.' Phoenician Letters p.70.