High Peak Meditation


Why meditate? Fortunately it is not necessary to have a firm idea of the purpose or aim of meditation in order to practice it. What can be said is that those who have meditated regularly for a period of time are not over-concerned with its purpose – the practice is sufficient unto itself.

It is commonly assumed that the practice of meditation leads people to become at ease with themselves and their circumstances in life. Though this may carry some truth, it cannot be guaranteed, for the direction of the practice is towards the roots of one’s being: in essence, to that which is ineffable. Indeed, if we have a firm idea of our essential nature, then we are automatically limited by such a belief. Although meditation is not incompatible with the notion of personal growth, and may enrich a person’s life, it is best practised in the spirit of service to the indescribable. Growth of being may occur, but to continue the work of meditation in the absence of results requires love and faith: these too are nurtured by meditation.